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G & N LLC has been providing bus driver safety training at distance using web based programming for the past thirteen years. This program has been very popular because of some of the current features such as:
- It can be custom-designed for each school with Assignment Folders (recommended)
- Over 100 modules (videos) accessible to your drivers to use in their training
- It can be delivered anywhere and any place the driver has access to high-speed internet connectivity 
- It offers immediate feedback to the drivers as to their degree of understanding of the program
- The supervisor or superintendent may access training records quite easily
- New drivers may be trained at any time throughout the school year

As a result of the success of the program and user input, G & N LLC has upgraded our training and services to ensure that the quality of the program continues to meet the needs of you and your drivers.  Some of the upgraded features are:
- Drivers are able to access our modules by computer, IPad,  IPhone or Android system 
- Drivers will be graded for each module and will pass with 80% accuracy.
- Over 100 modules for your drivers to utilize in their safety bus driver training
- Transportation supervisors or superintendent of your school district can easily obtain the complete training records for your drivers from our website for the current school year
- Transportation supervisors or superintendent of your school district may easily acquire training records for previous years that your drivers have trained with us

G & N LLC will provide the complete multiple year bus driver safety training records to your participating school prior to August 1 which will assist you in the accurate completion of your personnel record forms.
The cost for your customized training package is $50.00 per driver per school year that they receive training.  The Username and Password is active until June 30th of any year. When it is taken into account that the state of South Dakota requires drivers to be trained one year out of every five years, these additional services only cost $10.00 per driver per school year. We feel these improvements to our driver training program will improve the service to you and your drivers thus making your work easier and more efficient.  Please feel free to contact us for additional information by phoning 605-840-0733 or email at  


Thank you, and we look forward to serving you and your drivers.  

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